MUG's 1st Workshop - "Introduction to workshops on innovations in digital health"

Do you have a brilliant, innovative idea but need to know how to develop it? Do you have a team? Are you thinking about setting up a start-up? Or maybe you want to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship? We know how to help you!


Join us on the 25th November at 5pm! Take a look, learn more and don't forget to register!


The first meeting, entitled "Introduction to workshops on innovations in digital health," will be led by Prof. Paul Grundeman and will introduce the general principles of valorization of an invention. This workshop will also explain how these general principles of innovation, applicable widely in FarU, are worked out by our higher education unit that is embedded in the structure of the Clinical University Center located at the Medical University of Gdańsk. As discussed through examples in the medical environment, some doctors and scientists decide to start their private activity. This creates controversy, a dilemma between non-profit patient care and the option of having additional profit from an invention. How to deal with that? Mandatory general knowledge of how to form a start-up will be explained and how generated profits may eventually benefit the FarU, consequently, the patient.

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Inspiring digital health innovation

The course begins on Friday, 25 November, at 5 PM at the Kieturakis Auditorium at the Invasive Medicine Centre (17 Smoluchowskiego Street).

Development of digital tools in the field of health represents new opportunities for doctors and patients. In order to make it easier for students, doctoral students and employees of Fahrenheit Universities to implement innovative solutions, we have prepared a course on how to design such a product or service and bring it to market.

Although the use of artificial intelligence algorithms has already significantly changed clinical practice, the potential of AI in routine patient care is still not fully utilised, despite the fact that digital solutions could, for example, improve the accessibility of healthcare systems. One reason may be that the implementation of new tools requires their creators to have knowledge going beyond their area of specialisation, i.e. knowledge of ethical, legal and financial-business issues.

That is why the Medical University of Gdańsk has prepared a course during which experts will share, in an accessible way, knowledge useful at various stages of designing and implementing innovative solutions in the area of digital health.

The course will consist of seven seminars that will cover the process of diagnosing needs, designing a service or product, as well as legal and financial aspects related to bringing solutions to market, such as intellectual property, business plan preparation, investor relations. During the course, the participants will have the option of discovering their competencies. We will raise awareness of self-evaluation and explain how to fulfill a societal moral obligation to transform their innovative ideas into addressing clinical needs.


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