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Poszukiwany doktorant - spektrometria mas

Poszukiwany doktorant - spektrometria mas

Job title: PhD Student
Number of posts: 1
Unit name: Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG, Medical University of Gdańsk,
Link to the website of the unit: www.biotech.ug.edu.pl, www.gumed.edu.pl


  1. A master degree in chemistry, biotechnology, biomedical sciences or related fields.
  2. The qualification for being enrolled in a Polish PhD program.
  3. The experience in protein biochemistry, proteomics, mass spectrometry.
  4. Additional advantage will be the experience in laboratory work related to the preparation of samples for proteomic analyses using MALDI and ESI techniques, liquid chromatography, methods of proteolytic digestion; experience in handling mass spectrometers such as MALDI, ESI-Q-TOF; bioinformatics skills.
  5. Very good written and oral communication skills in English.
  6. Good presentation skills.
  7. Ability of independent planning and implementing experiments; self-motivation and responsibility.

Task description:
The PhD student will take part in the implementation of the research project "Social behaviour of Bacillus subtilis and Dickeya solani" under the supervision of Prof. Michał Obuchowski in the OPUS 15 program (2019-2021). The main task of the PhD student will the identification of factors secreted by investigated bacteria using imaging mass spectrometry (IMS). This will include preparation of the samples for IMS analysis, handling of mass spectrometers, in particular MALDI TOF/TOF, conducting MALDI imaging and analysis of obtained data.


NCN Contest Type: OPUS
Area of science: Life Sciences
Deadline for submitting the application: 13 January 2019
Form of application submission: e-mail
Final decision date: 18 January 2019
Starting date: 01 March 2019

The PhD student will receive a monthly scholarship in amount of 3000zł for a maximum period of 36 months.

The conditions for granting a scholarship are set out in the "Rules for the granting of scientific scholarships in research projects financed by the National Center for Science specified by Council resolution NCN No 96/2016 of 27 October 2016." The candidate who receives the highest number of points on the ranking list will be recruited. Employment may be awarded to another person on the ranking list in the case when the winner of the competition has waived the signing of the scholarship agreement.


Additional information:
If you have any questions, please contact: prof. dr hab. Michał Obuchowski (michal.obuchowski@biotech.ug.edu.pl). The candidates are asked to send required documents (CV, cover letter, copy of the Master's degree, short description of scientific achievements and qualifications of the candidate), if possible the opinion of the supervisor of the Master’s thesis to the following address: michal.obuchowski@biotech.ug.edu.pl

The application also must include: "I consent to the processing of my personal data contained in the scholarship offer for the needs necessary for the implementation of the recruitment process, according to the law of the 29.08.97 year on the protection of personal data. No 133 item 883 ".


In accordance with art. 13 of the General Data Protection regulation of 27 April 2016 (OJ L 158, EU L 119 with 04.05.2016) we inform you that:

  • the administrator of your personal data is Medical University of Gdańsk, located in 80-210 Gdańsk, ul. M. Skłodowska-Curie 3a, tel. (58) 349-11-11
  • data Protection Supervisor in Medical University of Gdansk is Piotr Małecki, tel. 58 349-10-27, email address: iod@gumed.edu.pl;
  • your personal data will be processed in order to carry out the recruitment process pursuant to art. Article 6 (1) 1 point. A, C, general data Protection regulation of 27 April 2016,
  • your personal data will not be disclosed to other parties, except for entities authorised by law, your personal data will be stored for a period of necessary for the execution of the recruitment process,
  • you have the right of access to the content of your data, the right to rectify, remove, limit processing, the right to transfer data, the right to object to the processing, the right to withdrawing your consent,
  • you have the right to bring a complaint to the personal Data Protection office when it is justified that your personal data is processed by an administrator in breach of the general Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016,
  • the provision of personal data is obligatory to the extent specified in article 5. 221 § 1 of the Labour Code, the remainder of the voluntary scope.



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