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Offer: Research assistant/Lab manager

Offer: Research assistant/Lab manager

Experimental and Translational Immunology group (DGO lab, www.dgo.ug.edu.pl
seeks to recruit a talented and passionate individual to work in the fields of nanoengineering and immunology
in the project carried out in collaboration with the Małopolska Centre for Biotechnology, University of Hong Kong and University of Oxford.


Project description:

Allergies occur when the immune system interprets a harmless antigen as a serious threat (e.g. pathogen invasion). The central role during the process is played by T lymphocytes, cells that can accurately identify an antigen and carry out a targeted response against it, resulting in a so-called “immune memory”. If the allergen is mistakenly recognized, these cells become hyper-responsive, which wind the spiral of inflammation and contributes to the production of antibodies against the allergen. Currently, specific immunotherapy (desensitization) is the only causative treatment available, working by eliminating T-cell hypersensitivity to allergens and forcing them into a state of so-called tolerance. Within this project we plan to develop a new nanoparticle-based method of supplying allergens during desensitisation to allow targeted delivery of allergens to direct the reactivity of these cells in a very targeted way to efficiently produce immunological tolerance.


dgoDetails of employment:

Full-time, up to 3 years (probatory period, periodic review applies)
Gross salary: about 5 400 PLN/month tbc (depending on experience)
Preferred starting date: May-June 2022 (negotiable)


  1. Designing, planning and carrying out experimental work under the supervision of Principal Investigator, maintaining regular and complete research notes
  2. Scientific initiative and contribution through regular reporting and publishing, as well as presenting at group meetings, national and international conferences as required
  3. Sample collection and processing
  4. Providing help and assistance to other team members as required
  5. Contribution to the efficient functioning of the lab including necessary administrative and organizational tasks, incl. ordering


  1. MSc. in molecular biology, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, medical biology or similar (or expected to be awarded soon).
  2. Proven hands-on experience in molecular biology and proteomics techniques, incl. transfection, protein production, identification and purification
  3. Ability to work independently, in a team and in collaborative projects
  4. Good English language skills (written and oral) as required for scientific environment


  1. Experience in isolating and freezing PBMCs from blood samples.
  2. Experience working with mammalian cells (lines and primary)

We offer:

  1. The opportunity to contribute to the exciting and rapidly developing research in biomedical nanotechnology in collaboration with world-leading scientists
  2. Excellent opportunity to extend and enrich personal scientific career track and acquiring multidisciplinary skills, including access to the cutting-edge equipment.
  3. Opportunity to work in one of the best research institutions in Poland
  4. Supportive environment
  5. Personal development of transferable skills
  6. Flexible working time

Required documents:

  1. CV (in English) documenting achievements, scientific degrees, publications, technical skills, research stays and other relevant experience
  2. Document confirming the scientific degree
  3. Cover letter (in English) documenting motivation and the most important scientific achievement
  4. Details of at least two individuals willing to provide references for the candidate


Deadline for submitting application documents: May 16th, 2022; submission and informal enquires via email: danuta.gutowska-owsiak[at]ug.edu.pl ,
including the text below: “I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2016, item 922 as amended.”



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