How prokaryotes are teaching us about our immunity

Speaker:  Dr Christophe Rouillon, Institute of Structural Biology, University of Bonn, Germany

Talk:  How prokaryotes are teaching us about our immunity

Time:  28.04.2023, 9:00 am

Venue:  Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, Abrahama 58, hall 042B

Dr. Christophe Rouillon is a biochemist specialised on informational events and immunity in prokaryotes. After his degree in biotechnology from Nancy University (France) he worked 5 years in French Institutes (Curie, Pasteur, IRD) and pharmaceutical company Eurofin before doing a Master and PhD at the French Marine Institute (Ifremer, Brest) with Dr Joel Querellou. His PhD focussed on the DNA replication factors of an hyperthermophilic archaea. He then moved to St Andrews University (Scotland) in Prof Malcolm White lab to work on archaeal DNA repair before joining the CRISPR adventure in the same lab. Since 2009, Christophe worked mostly on the CRISPR systems at a molecular level in the UK (St Andrews Uni) and Germany (Leipzig Uni, Max Planck Berlin/Bonn and Bonn Uni). He is currently very interested in newly discovered prokaryotic defence systems.

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