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IFB seminar's schedule for 2017/2018 academic year

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IFB seminar's schedule for 2017/2018 academic year [for more information please click a speaker's name].

Please check it regularly:

Speaker Research group Date
Obuchowski Igor Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry 27.10.2017
Belkiewicz Joanna Laboratory of Virus Molecular Biology 27.10.2017
Matuszewska Marta Laboratory of Biological Plant Protection 10.11.2017
Mróz Dagmara Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry 10.11.2017
Dr Jacek Wiśniewski, Max Planck Institute 17.11.2017
Czarnota Anna Laboratory of Virus Molecular Biology 24.11.2017
Urban Aleksandra Laboratory of Cell Biology 24.11.2017

StarBios 2 event:

dr hab. Magdalena Król, prof. SGGW, "Seksmisja w nauce";
dr Natasza Kosakowska - Berezecka & dr Magdalena Żadkowska - "Gender Gap in Biotechnology"

Woźniak Agata Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics 08.12.2017
Antoun Dima Laboratory of Molecular Enzymology 08.12.2017
5th IFB Reporting session 15.12.2017
Brzuska Gabriela Laboratory of Recombinant Vaccines 05.01.2018
Felberg Anna Laboratory of Cell Biology 12.01.2018
Jeleń Marcin Laboratory of Evolutionary Biochemistry 12.01.2018
Ogonowska Patrycja Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics 19.01.2018
Maciąg Tomasz Laboratory of Biological Plant Protection 26.01.2018
prof. Alfredo Nicosia, University of Naples, "Innovative Genetic Vaccines" 23.02.2018
Novotna Alzbeta Department of Plant Taxonomy and Nature Conservation 02.03.2018
Przygocki Paweł Laboratory of Biomolecular Systems Simulations 02.03.2018
dr Vladimir Y. Gorshkov, Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics "To rot, or not to rot: comprehensive view on the interactions of phytopathogenic pectobacteria with plants" 09.03.2018
Grzywińska Małgorzata Laboratory of Applied Physics 23.03.2018
Łęgowska Ewelina Laboratory of Applied Physics 23.03.2018
Agata Motyka Laboratory of Plant Protection and Biotechnology 06.04.2018
dr hab. inż Agnieszka Sobczak-Kupiec, "Materials for medicine - bioactive composites", Politechnika Krakowska 13.04.2018

prof. Bartosz Szczęsny, "Targeting mitochondrial DNA in lung diseases"
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

STARBIOS2 event - lecture in Polish
prof. dr hab. Tomasz Twardowski, "Inne oblicze GMO, A.D. 2018",
Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej PAN

prof. Roger Malina,
University of Texas at Dallas, "How Art and Design can help Redesign Science itself; both the scientific method and the social embedding of science"

dr Anne Piskorz, University of  Cambridge, "Unlocking the clinical utility of genomic biomarkers in ovarian cancer" 25.05.2018
prof. Graham Ogg, University of Oxford moved to another date
prof. Lisa Morano, University Houston Downtown 13.07.2018

All speaker from 2nd year of PhD study are pleased to send abstract until end of September.

With any questions related to seminar please contact with: prof. dr hab. Michał Obuchowski.

All Invited Speakers


IFB seminar's schedule for 2018/2019 academic year [for more information please click a speaker's name].

Speaker Research group Date
Prof. dr hab. Ewa Bartnik, Warsaw University 12.10.2018
dr Ryan O'Shaughnessy, University of London 26.10.2018
6th IFB Reporting session 14.12.2018


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