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IFB seminar's schedule for 2018/2019 academic year

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IFB seminar's schedule for 2018/2019 academic year [for more information please click a speaker's name]. Seminar's taking place at Friday 9:00AM at lecture hall B.

Speaker Research group Date
Prof. Kevin A Morano, McGroven Medical School, University of Texas
"Modulation of proteostasis by Hsp70 cofactors"
Prof. Lisa D Morano, Department of Natural Sciences, University of Houston-Downtown
"Journeys of a plant pathogen: History and genetics of Xylella fastidiosa"
dr Ryan O'Shaughnessy, University of London
“Discovering multiple roles for AKT1 in skin barrier function and skin disease”
dr Adam Iwanicki, "How to lie with statistics" 26.10.2018
Marta Popęda Laboratory of Cell Biology 9.11.2018
Adrian Kobiela Laboratory of Physical Biochemistry 9.11.2018
dr Sivakumar Vadivel Gnanasundram, French Institute of Health and Medical Research 16.11.2018
dr Paweł Leźnicki, University of Manchester
“Protein deubiquitylation controls the degradation of mislocalised secretory and membrane proteins and regulates endoplasmic reticulum function”
Monika Górska Laboratory of Molecular Enzymology 7.12.2018
Magdalena Plich Human Cancer Models 7.12.2018
6th IFB Reporting session, temporaty program 14.12.2018
Kamila Butowska Laboratory of Biophysics 04.01.2019
Alicja Filipek Laboratory of Physical Biochemistry 04.01.2019
STARBIOS 2 event
prof. Doris Elster, Bremen University
Paulina Gach Laboratory of Virus Molecular Biology 18.01.2019
Agata Łuczak Laboratory of Physical Biochemistry 18.01.2019
Izabela Perkowska Laboratory of Plant Protection and Biotechnology 25.01.2019
Anna Jurek Laboratory of Cell Biology 25.01.2019
Justyna Topa Laboratory of Cell Biology 22.02.2019
Marcos Yebenes Mayordomo Human Cancer Models 22.02.2019
Maciej Kosiński Laboratory of Recombinant Vaccines 01.03.2019
Tsabieh Bilal Neoantigen Science 01.03.2019
Ewa Sroka Neoantigen Science 08.03.2019
Michał Pierański Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics 08.03.2019
dr Sebastian Glatt, Max Planck Research Group Leader z MCB, Kraków 15.03.2019
Mikołaj Kocikowski Neoantigen Science 29.03.2019
Sara Boch-Kminikowska Laboratory of Recombinant Vaccines 29.03.2019
dr Anna Marusiak, CENT Warszawa 05.04.2019
dr Ales Benda, Biocev 26.04.2019
dr hab. Arkadiusz Piotrowski, MAB GUMed
„Mutations acquired during lifetime that lead to increased risk for human disease, with focus on cancer”
prof. Graham Ogg, University of Oxford 24.05.2019

All speaker from 2nd year of PhD study are pleased to send abstract until end of September.

With any questions related to seminar please contact with: prof. dr hab. Michał Obuchowski.

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